Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I want to do

     I have been thinking of a few things I really want to get into. I want to learn to sew with a sewing machine and by hand, I want to learn to quilt and I want to learn about healing herbs. I have always been very interested in the healing power of natural herbs. I mean Heavenly Father put them here for a reason. So soon I will be looking into all this. I believe the YMCA has sewing classes so as soon as we join I will looking into that. I will probably just have to teach myself how to sew by hand and my wonderful mother can teach me to quilt! The herbs can find online and there are plenty of books out there!

     I am hoping K and I get back into church soon! I miss it. I miss the people, the feeling and of course having the gospel in our home. We are totally the blacksheep in our family since no one else goes to church.  We are the only Mormons aswell. LOL  That is ok, we know the church is true and that is all that matters. We feel so bad because we haven't raised our children in the church so far and they have paid the price for our stupidness.  But starting soon they will be raised in the church!!! They have a lot to learn, as do we!! Can't wait.

    Need to hit the goodwill to get the kids some church clothes! They have no church clothes at all! So we will be heading there soon!  I love the goodwill always so many good things there! I don't see what peoples issues are with the goodwill and garage sales!!  We love them! And as fast as kids grow it is hard to keep up with them!

Well I'm out for the day! Kids all took their medicine and are napping and I think I will do the same. I really hope K gets to come home today!!! We miss him.

Queen J~

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