Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giving this a try (for the millionth time)

     So I'm giving this blogging thing another try. I love to write down what I'm thinking an feeling and a blog is the best way to do it! 

     I'm J~ the queen here in our home. My king is K and our little princesses and prince are: Princess M~ she is 11  Prince A~ he is 9 and Princess E~ she is 6.  K is in the Army and is currently on lock down with his whole unit do to someone stealing something of importance. Not sure how long the lock down will last, but with the Army you never know.  I home school my wonderful kiddos. Have been doing so for a little over three years. We love it!! I have just found a few home school groups in our area we are going to join!!! We are very excited about that!!  I'm also looking into joining the YMCA. They offer so many things for kids and adults so I think it will be well worth it

     I need to find a way to got more organized!! I am going crazy here!! But I think joining the homeschooling groups will help for sure. Since we have moved I have been very scatter brained and now it is driving me crazy!

   Just found out this morning that my sister is having another baby boy!! The boys are catching up! With my kids and their cousins we have 5 girls and 2 boys in June we will have on more boy! We are all very excited! Can't wait to find out the name and meet the little guy! 

   I am having some major dental work done soon. I have horrible teeth thanks to genes. lol  But we will get it all taken care of. I have a bad tooth right now and it has been causing me so many issues lately. SO PAINFUL!!!!  M will be getting braces soon and is very nervous about that, but she will be fine!! Well I must get off here and get this house picked up! Have some moms from the home school groups coming over! Very excited to meet them!!

Queen J~

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